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The Best Beaches in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a long coastline which is full of twists and turns with many bays and beaches. Many of them are well sheltered by mountains nearby, as Hong Kong is a mountainous place. As a result, large waves seldom appear at the bays, making them suitable for swimming. Here is a list of some of the best beaches in Hong Kong:

1. Deep Water Bay & Repulse BayTwo popular beaches on Hong Kong Island are Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay, one leading to the other. Located on the southern coast of the island, both are easily accessible. The beauty of Deep Water Bay starts even before you reach the beach; the road leading to the beach is lined by trees dotted with bright red flame of the forest flowers, and overlooking the cliffs are stately mansions.

2. Shek OShek O is another popular weekend seaside destination. Shek O from the surrounding hills above looks like an old Chinese community, its traditional and rustic atmosphere is a striking comparison with the opulent millionaires’ mansions that dot the hills.

3. Clear Water Bay is all about idyllic sandy coves and country parkland surrounded by high hills. The two beaches there come complete with facilities.

4: Golden Beach Golden Beach is located at the 18.5 km milestone of Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun. It is the largest beach in Tuen Mun with a total area of 78,500 m² and a length of 545 meters. It is the first artificial beach in Hong Kong.

5. Turtle Cove Beach Situated at east of Stanley and west of Tai Tam Reservoir is Turtle Cove Beach which is a Grade 1 beach. Being less than 70 meters long, it can easily be considered as a baby beach. Turtle Cove is very well “equipped”; with changing rooms, toilets and showers as well as a small playground, a soft drinks kiosk and a couple of barbecue pits.

Hong Kong’s largest island, Lantau, has several beaches which are clean, un-crowded and relatively convenient to get there. For all of them, the first step is to simply take the ferry from Central to Mui Wo. Then, if necessary, people can just hop on a bus. Silvermine Beach which is a Grade 1 beach is the easiest one to get to since it is located about a 5 minute walk away from the Mui Wo ferry pier.

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